Welcome to Topex Southern Africa

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Welcome to our latest news update. Hope you like the new site – we will be engaging with you to update you on new items and specials.

Topex Southern Africa is proud to announce the arrival of a number of new tools and accessories.

In future news updates, we want to showcase some of the new tools and accessories by providing pictures and technical information on products as well as “tools in use” video’s.

Our new Facebook page is up and running and we will be sharing information about us and our tools – please view our page and “like” us – we want to engage with our Customers who are also our friends and keep you up-to-date with new products and specials.

Feel free to communicate with us – we will see you right! December is around the corner – we are busy putting together a few Christmas specials for our Male and Female Customers – keep an eye on our promotions page for some great deals coming up.

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